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Since its inception in 2002, Kuwait China has been a major player in Kuwait construction field both in private and public sector by providing professional services and world-class quality of products and services to the client.
Kuwait China with a strong focus on research, development, manufacture that brings practical solutions with product to promote competitiveness, efficiency and prosperity to the client. Provides solutions with product in the following areas: product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation, industrial automation, material innovation in architectural design, LED lighting system, LED media screen, glass façade system, heavy equipment (world class brand such as XCMG, Shacman, HELI, Dieci). The ambition of our Institute is to provide comprehensive services throughout the product lifecycle – from development ideas, product design itself (product or service), process design, designed and simulation verification of the entire system, support for the implementation of the proposed solutions and more – continuous improvement.


Provide the best product, service to inspire and implement solutions to our customer.


Kuwait China is a commercial grouping that wants through achieving higher economic performance create conditions for fulfillment of its vision and achieving sustainable advice. In accordance with the mission, Kuwait China promotes the following values:

   –      creativity and innovation

   –      knowledge economy

   –      international cooperation

   –      quality of life


To provide outstanding world class products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.